With a projected 16,500 public service jobs to be lost over the next three years, it is no wonder why many Government employees are riddled with uncertainty about what their future might hold.

At every level of Government, departments and their employees are confronted with unavoidable change, and the challenge for all employees is, ‘How prepared am I to change in order to adapt to a new role requiring new skills?’

We find employees are generally reluctant to consider career change. This reluctance is commonly driven by:

  • Financial restrictions – an inability or unwillingness to invest the time in further study to acquire new knowledge and skills;
  • Unwillingness to ‘take a backward or sideways step’ in their career development – taking a more junior role in order to learn new skills can seem counterproductive and demoralising in the short-term; and
  • Not taking the time to actively consider their career and their future.

With the scenarios identified above, there is a need for organisations and their employees to begin actively managing their careers. A well-structured career development program can make a world of difference in assisting employees to take active control of their careers and future direction.

A successful career development program needs to highlight:

  • Transferable skills;
  • Alternative career paths;
  • Training programs which can assist in filling skill gaps; and
  • A well thought out career plan identifying the steps to take and how to take them.

Choice Career Services is passionate about managing the human impact of change. If you’re committed to supporting your employees through a period of change, but are lacking the guidance as to how, then contact us and we will gladly help in any way we can.