I recently read an article by Alan Kohler which highlighted the technological revolution at our doorstep and the indiscriminate impact it will have on all forms of labour.

There is no denying that our employment landscape is radically changing. The normalisation of robots, 3D printing, and other super smart technological innovations in the workplace are slowly replacing human jobs. Their low cost, high productivity, and negligible margin for error are too compelling to resist and are increasingly becoming vital in order for businesses to stay competitive.

So, what does this mean for the employees of today entering the employment landscape of tomorrow?

Firstly, they must acknowledge the changes on the horizon. Like it or not, there are very few industries, if any, that will remain unaffected; hell, Kohler even floats the idea of ‘automatic journalism.’ Approaching the changes with an open mind will place you in steadfast position to wear the transition as seamlessly as possible.

Secondly, both employers and employees need to take responsibility for their future. Many of the skills that employees hold today will be redundant tomorrow, but this doesn’t mean human labour will become redundant altogether. It does mean employees need to upskill in order to diversify themselves and remain relevant. The need for career management programs is more important now than ever before, and the onus is on both employees and their employers to ensure this takes place. Unfortunately, our experience indicates that the majority of employees have not grasped this responsibility and when change comes knocking on the door, they are unprepared to take the next step. Endorsing a career management program is a great way for employers to empower their employees and sooth the uncertainty that is likely to arise as our employment landscape changes.

A good career management program should assist an employee in:

  • Identifying their career values and interests;
  • Marrying these with a career plan;
  • Identifying a future career path;
  • ‘Buying in’ to the concept, and accepting career management as their responsibility.

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