In 2015, I attended the OI Global Partners meeting in Brussels along with twenty other OIGP Partner firms from around the globe, to discuss the disruptive issues and trends facing career transition and talent management.

It was interesting to note that there were a number of issues that were areas of concern for organisations globally:

1. Managing effective employee career development programs

Employee career development is an area that most organisations believe in, but tend to have difficulty effectively integrating and aligning with their talent management processes.

More specifically, understanding how to effectively manage career development conversations, implementing ongoing career development programs, and ensuring these programs are integrated into their organisation’s talent management are challenging for many organisations and managers.

How do you turn a meaningful employee career development program into tangible talent management outcomes?

Coach leaders to handle constructive and inspiring career development conversations

Career development conversations are by no means easy. It should facilitate an honest and open discussion about an employee’s career path, which may, in some cases, lead to the Manager’s own role, or a role within another organisation. These conversations can be difficult and are not always managed well.

It is crucial that the leaders who drive these discussions have the following skills:

  • The ability to enable an effective career development conversation;
  • The proficiency to embed the outcomes of that conversation into a career development program for the employee; and
  • The vision to create appropriate opportunities to facilitate the employee’s development.

2. Developing the next generation of leaders

Ask yourself – who will be the next General Manager in your organistion?

Big or small, many organisations do not have the processes, and sometimes the time, to identify and develop the next generation of leaders. For those organis