When your organisation makes a decision about change how well prepared are you to get the ball rolling?

It’s estimated only 25% of organisational change initiatives are successful over the long term. These results invite criticism of change that can be felt throughout a company. Especially when an average of 22% of managers felt their training to support the organisational change was ineffective.

Everyday organisations have to make decisions about changes – but how do you know if you’re making the right decision, or if your changes will resonate within the organisation?

In our experience, delivery sustainable and successful organisational change management programs requires working through the following 10 steps:

Detailed planning

1. Does your plan define success?

Too often success is not defined making it difficult for those affected by change to recognise progress.

2. What is the plan?

To reach the required destination there must be a plan. If you are taking people on a journey they want to know how they will reach the destination.

3. How resilient is your organisation?

Can they successfully manage the change being proposed? How successful has the organisation been previously in managing change? If not, why will this project be any different?

4. Have all of the stakeholders affected by change been identified?

Has an analysis been undertaken of the likely impact of the change upon the stakeholders and how it is to be effectively addressed with them?

5. Is your team capable of initiating and managing the difficult conversations which are often part of the change process?

Strong leadership

6. Do you have the right people within the organisation to lead the change program?

Successful change management programs are driven by leaders who are passionate about the reasons for change and have the commitment to inspire the organisation to make the change journey.

Effective communications

7. Have you clearly defined the message to be communicated?

What is it you want those affected by change to understand? What is the most effective to communicate with each of the stakeholder groups? Who is the best person(s) to communicate with the stakehold