Discover the four building blocks of successful organisational change management

Organisational change management is essential as transformation becomes the way forward in today’s digital environment. But how will you manage the human impact of these changes?

Behind every great organisation is a thriving workplace comprised of individual employees. A failure of any organisation to meet their basic needs during workplace change could be disastrous for morale and retention!

A recent McKinsey article discussed the four building blocks critical for building a solid foundation to support your organisational change management and transformation initiatives.

Known as the ‘influence model’ it was estimated that change programs supported by this basic framework were 8x more likely to succeed!  With such significant results, why wouldn’t you implement this in your organisation?

Tell me more about the four building blocks

According to McKinsey the influence model is characterised by four key areas which aim to change employee mindset and foster positive behaviours. Before a deep-dive into each area see the image below for an overview of how it all sits together: