For organisations to thrive and deliver on their core values, they rely on the skills and engagement of their employees. Therefore, it is crucial that their employees can attain the most valuable and sought-after skills.

Ensuring an organisation’s employees are engaged and equipped to succeed means HR professionals must have the ability to identify and manage talent in today’s ever-changing employment market.

With the constant evolution of the employee marketplace, it can be difficult to keep up with the skills organisations deem to be most valuable. So what are companies looking for and how can you ensure your employees succeed?

To help answer this, we asked top Talent Managers and HR leaders to identify the most valuable skills employees must have to be competitive in today’s market.

What are the most valuable global employee skills?

As part of our research, respondents identified eight clear skills across the following four industries: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Energy & Mining. However, out of these eight skills, there were three which rose to the top:

  1. Strong communication
    • Writing, listening, speaking, and presenting, strong communication skills are vital to Talent Managers internationally.
  2. Willingness to learn
    • The ability and openness to learn through reading, listening and thinking are a must. Employees must be able to think critically and have the desire to continually enhance their skills, ensuring they remain competitive in their industry. In the energy sector, this was identified as the most important skill.
  3. Understanding analytics
    • The ability to read and understand data, projections, and demographics ranked among the top three most valuable skills. In order to make reasonable a