Talent acquisition is one thing, but acquiring the right talent and ensuring you keep them – that’s the real challenge.

HR professionals work hard to ensure they identify, attract, and vet the right people while keeping those ‘right’ people engaged and moving forward within their company.

While businesses and employees have seen (and will continue to see) positive results due to the emphasis on employee engagement, training, and retention, the processes aren’t all that easy for HR professionals to maintain and guarantee.

Our recent global survey, ‘The Future of Talent Management’, asked HR professionals what challenges they faced when it comes to talent acquisition, management, and retention – and 5 prominent people challenges stood out.

The 5 prominent people challenges faced by HR professionals globally

Across four key industries, HR professionals seemed to be confronted with 5 prominent people challenges.

1.    Attracting and hiring the right talent

While there are many outstanding candidates, not everyone is right for your company, and attracting those that are right has proven to be a challenge for many of the HR professionals. While the process to find the right person can be arduous, it’s better to wait for the right person rather than bring someone in as a ‘band-aid solution.’

2.    Adapting to change

As the pace of change continues to increase, the ability to manage and adapt to change is vital. More often than not HR professionals have to reshuffle, re-arrange, re-coach, and re-skill staff to ensure they too can keep up during times of rapid change or disruption.

3.    Retaining top talent

Retaining top talent is always going to be difficult, and was considered challenging by many who participated in our research. Those people who thrive and shine in your work environment will do the same in others. Luckily, there are helpful and effective strategies that can be implemented to keep these shining stars on your team!

4.    Managers lack coaching skills

Managers that lack the ability to train and coach their teams correctly is an issue for today’s HR professionals. By giving managers the tools and processes to have coaching conversations with their teams provides an opportunity to enhance both individual skills and overall company performance.

5.    Employee engagement

Maintaining employee engagement and developing young leaders is highly important to keep staff motivated. However, this is difficult because it’s hard to know what every employee needs to remain engaged, and was a challenge faced by many HR professionals in the research.


Why is this important to me?

While your industry may not fall within one of the four which participated in our research, consistency suggests that these challenges are common across diverse industries, and most likely affects yours as well.

Therefore, having an in-depth understanding of these common people challenges allows you to effectively plan for issues that you might not yet have experienced, but may soon!

Keeping your company ahead of the game when it comes to talent management will not only positively affect your current employees, but help to engage the right future talent, and keep your business booming.


What can I do now?

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