Talent acquisition is one thing, but acquiring the right talent and ensuring you keep them – that’s the real challenge.

HR professionals work hard to ensure they identify, attract, and vet the right people while keeping those ‘right’ people engaged and moving forward within their company.

While businesses and employees have seen (and will continue to see) positive results due to the emphasis on employee engagement, training, and retention, the processes aren’t all that easy for HR professionals to maintain and guarantee.

Our recent global survey, ‘The Future of Talent Management’, asked HR professionals what challenges they faced when it comes to talent acquisition, management, and retention – and 5 prominent people challenges stood out.

The 5 prominent people challenges faced by HR professionals globally

Across four key industries, HR professionals seemed to be confronted with 5 prominent people challenges.

1.    Attracting and hiring the right talent

While there are many outstanding candidates, not everyone is right for your company, and attracting those that are right has proven to be a challenge for many of the HR profe