Humans are by nature curious creatures –and it’s no different when it comes to work environments. In fact, the competitive environment of business means the opportunity to know what is happening with your competitors, in your industry and in business in general is hard to resist.

The OIGP Future of Work Study provides unprecedented insights into the management of thousands of businesses worldwide, thanks to the yearly survey carried out by HR and General Management roles in a range of industries across the globe.

This information allows you to see how you stack up against others –and helps you determine how to improve on things like talent acquisition, training and engagement.

your work environment and priorities have changed –and how you’ve invested in your talent over the last year to create positive change.

Future of Work 2018 –what did we learn?

Change is a challenge

Across the board, attracting and hiring new talent was a struggle in 2018. But it was closely followed by adapting to change. Regardless of your industry, many workplaces are being affected by an increase and frequency of change and disruption. Internal teams often find change difficult to manage and approach it blindly, which demonstrates a potential to focus on this as a point of improvement.

The top five challenges also included retaining talent and employee engagement, which go hand in hand –lose one, and you’ll lose the other.

The power of people persons

We’ve spoken about the challenge of attracting talent –but for you, what does ‘talent’ look like? 2018 survey results show that far more than anything else, businesses are looking for leadership agility and the ability to coordinate with others. People-based skills are becoming more and more desirable as historically important technical skills can now be more easily accomplished through technological advancements.

The popularity of these skills can als