2020 has hit businesses hard – and it has hit the people in these businesses harder. With so many changes, the federal Government budget stimulus has assisted but there are still many challenges. Many organisations have found it hard to stay afloat and support their employees simultaneously.

HR professionals are responsible for balancing both sides of the coin – managing what’s best for the business, but also what’s best for its people. While staff have never needed support more than they do now, actually delivering this support hasn’t been easy. These months of disruption have challenged everyone in terms of the actions to take to maintain the organisation and the support for the employees.

This begs the question, can the approach we take to supporting staff make a difference to overall business performance and the organisation’s resilience?

It’s a question that took centre stage out our latest Disruption Circle event. Rebecca Supierz, HR Director for ANZ at Seek, discussed the approach they took in the face of major disruption and uncertainty – an approach that was significantly different from that of many other organisations. She made a great example of how a change of attitude and looking closely at what’s really important helped with a successful operational pivot.

When leadership counts

Seek is a large and successful organisation with more resources than a lot of smaller businesses. But that hardly seemed to matter when COVID hit. Their entire business was built on the job market – which disappeared almost instantly.

It’s a situation many would be familiar with in 2020, and one that most commonly incites panic. It is easy (and natural) to look at the negatives, the changes, and the possible repercussions an impact of this size will have on business. It is in these moments leadership matters. Having a plan, having the confidence and trust in the team and then being able to effectively communicate to the organisation on the way forward.

The employees of the organisation are integral to making the business plan successful. They need to understand the way forward. They need to be a key part of the planning process. When a business faces this form of disruption the employees will immediately become concerned about the effect the disruption will have on them: Their job security and what that means for their personal finances, changes to their role and the way they work, the overall shift in organisations environment and what it means to work there.

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