Congratulations, we did it. (Almost) all of Australia is now enjoying the freedoms of being COVID-safe, just in time for Christmas. It’s no small feat, and it hasn’t come without major sacrifices for many of us.

During the thick of it, we were in survival mode, running off adrenaline. Few of us had the opportunity to stop for a second to look around and notice what we were achieving. But many still haven’t.

One person who did though is Sabina Read, renowned psychologist and corporate health management coach, and this month’s Disruption Circle guest speaker.

In our latest and last event of the year, she provided us with some fascinating insights into her observations of human and organisational life during the year of COVID. She’s a strong believer in using what you’ve learnt (good or bad) to set yourself up for future success. And now that we’re mostly through the hardships of the pandemic it’s time to do just that.

Here we recap the three steps born from her from COVID insights that she shared on how to use what you’ve learnt and experienced to make yourself, your team, and your business better.


This year pushed the “pause button” on our lives – although you wouldn’t be shamed for thinking it felt more like “fast forward”. While regularity was put on hold, we were all working hard to keep things afloat. Nothing felt paused (except our social lives).

But, in reality, our whole sense of normality was paused. We kept going, but not in the same way we ever had before. It’s important to acknowledge the challenges and adversity you (and your organisation) faced this year.

Not only have we dealt with a lot, but we’ve learned a lot – and that’s important not to forget