We’re all tired of hearing how much has changed in the last 12 months and are ready to embrace the “normalcy” of the new year. However, we can rarely move on from change until we have acknowledged its impact – and as businesses return to more normal operations and environments, the impact of last year’s changes will become very apparent.

Regardless of the type of change your organisation has experienced – whether a major restructure or simply a move to remote working – we’re all going to notice differences as we return. Employees will need their leaders’ support, and organisational performance will rely on a strong start to this new period.

Those who expect to step straight back into the rhythm of pre-2020 and aren’t prepared to adapt will get a shock. Many businesses will find their employees are just not on the same page anymore – and they’ll need to act to change it. Success in 2021 will mean unifying leadership styles and strategies to business goals and ensuring that everyone is aligned.

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Time & events change things – it can be as ‘big’ as a restructure or as ‘small’ as remote working

After any change or disruption, it is rare to find things the same as we left them – dy