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to develop their careers

Organisations that recognise their people as their most valuable asset also understand investment in employees shouldn’t stop when a hire is made. In order to develop and retain top talent, rising stars and strong leaders, ongoing investment is required.

While each employee should be responsible for their own careers, employers need to support them to take charge and evolve, showing they care about their employees’ career paths and goals.

This approach has shown to increase positive outcomes for both employees and organisations, resulting in higher employee performance and retention, improved business growth and heightened brand reputation.

Why choose Choice?

At Choice, we don’t believe gaps in professional capabilities are weakness – and we don’t approach them as such.

Each Choice career development program is dictated by the needs and goals of each employee, team or organisation, with specialist solutions delivered by qualified coaches working directly with each individual / team to realise their potential and develop their capabilities through to scalable solutions delivered via our cloud based career development platform.

We’ll work closely with your organisation to determine your desired outcome, and then design a solution for your needs, allowing us to establish the best way to meet the overall brief.

Tailored Programs

Each program is customised to the specific organisational goals, as well as the needs of each employee or team.


Regardless of the individual or organisation goals, each program is built to achieve the desired outcomes.


Our tailored programs are designed to be delivered in whatever format you chose – from organisation-wide to specific teams or individual.

Extensive Expertise

Our coaches are experienced in a range of key areas, including career pathways, succession planning, corporate hierarchy navigation & skill uplift.

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