Make any change a positive change

It’s undeniable that as employees move through their careers they will encounter a number of transitions and changes. Some are by choice, and others are by necessity.

Whether you are compelled to exit an employee from the business or you’re wishing to retain talent by redeploying an existing employee to a new role; a tailored and comprehensive support program is vital for the wellbeing of both the individual and the organisation.

Maintaining and managing the perception of employer brand is vital during times of change. By creating an exceptional exit experience, you not only support impacted employees and their community, but you also assist in enhancing employer brand, building engagement, and demonstrating the organisations commitment to all employees.

Why choose Choice?

Ultimately, outplacement and staff redeployment is about the employee. So, at Choice, your employees are our focus in any career transition program.

We start by identifying the right fit between your employee and our coach/consultant, who will deliver one-on-one support. Then, understanding that no client need is the same, we tailor our solutions to fit each candidate’s needs.

We also know the transition process is not always a smooth process, so our team offers ongoing support even after the initial program is over.

Our consultants and coaches are passionate about helping employees through career transition. They are experienced professionals with the knowledge to guide your employees through a significant period of change and deliver meaningful outcomes and a positive, optimistic path ahead.

How Choice Delivers

Reputation. Poorly executed change programs impact on your brand. You require a safe pair of hands.

Risk. You need skilled professionals with resources.

Responsive. You require a rapid response to your needs.

Resourceful. You require creativity to build solutions to manage your circumstances.

Responsibility. We own the solution and allow you to manage ongoing business.

Reliability. We have extensive career transition experience and a history of exceptional outcomes.

Results. We will deliver the results you expect.

One-on-One Support

We work on a one-to-one basis to ensure we understand and meet the unique needs of each employee.

Tailored Solutions

No one business or one employee is the same – we’ll tailor service and programs to meet your exact needs.

Outcome Driven

Your wins are our wins – our programs and coaches are drives by the desire to see employees success and prosper.

Post-Program Support

Career transition doesn’t stop when the program does – provide employees with ongoing support.

Unlimited Access to Resources

All of our programs are underpinned by access to our specialised career transition portal, with over 500 online and interactive assets.

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