Handle delicate
transitions with care

The outplacement of an Executive differs from outplacement of other staff. You are dealing with highly experienced and sometimes long-standing executives, for whom the impact of redundancy can be substantial. Managing these assignments needs to be done with sensitivity.

Executive outplacement can be challenging, and requires a high level of experience, professionalism, and confidentiality to manage in a way that is both beneficial to the outplaced executive and maintains the organisation’s reputation.

The right executive career transition support focuses not just on “the next job”, but the individual’s personal desired outcome – whether that’s a new role, a transition out of the industry, a board position or even retirement. Our coaches will open the mind of the executive and help them explore their career options. The best outcome is what works best for the executive. The alignment of our team with your employees is essential to engaging employees and successfully assisting them. We call this ‘fit’ and it is the foundation for program success.

Why choose Choice?

Choice’s Executive Coaches can relate to your executives – they’ve sat in executive, board and leadership positions and understand the pressures of change and the associated personal, professional, and psychological challenges. This lived experience allows them to effectively coach and guide candidates through this process, and our wide networks can introduce candidates to new people and opportunities.

We believe a good coach challenges the executive and has them thinking, helping you to get moving, forge a new path and be open to new possibilities. Our coaches are trained to help people adapt to change, including assisting long-term executives adapt to new ways of thinking and learn new ways of operating.

How Choice Delivers

Reputation. Poorly executed change programs impact on your brand. You require a safe pair of hands.

Risk. You need skilled professionals with resources.

Responsive. You require a rapid response to your needs.

Resourceful. You require creativity to build solutions to manage your circumstances.

Responsibility. We own the solution and allow you to manage ongoing business.

Reliability. We have extensive career transition experience and a history of exceptional outcomes.

Results. We will deliver the results you expect.

Experienced Coaches

Choice’s coaches have served at the executive level themselves, and have first-hand understanding of the pressure and challenges of executive outplacement.


Our coaches have wide networks of contacts that can open new avenues of opportunities for exiting executives.

Outcome Orientated

Our coaching in 100% customised, focusing programs on the desired goals and outcomes of each individual.

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