Create more possibilities for
transitioning employees

Career transition services (also commonly referred to as outplacement) aim to make career transitions easier and more successful. They help reduce the stress of the situation, ensuring employees are provided with the skills and support they need to re-enter the employment market as soon as possible.

But what if you could go further than outplacement? What if you could offer your employees more support, more opportunities and increase their chances of landing a new role?

At Choice, we understand the full impact of transitioning from being an employee to becoming active in the job search market – and the challenges that come with it. We developed Full Circle© to make this adjustment easier.

Full Circle© closes the loop between outplacement and new employment, connecting exiting employees directly with new employers looking for talent. Choice has a dedicated team who can market the skills of your employees to potential new employers, utilising a dynamic marketplace where employers and employees can share open roles and personal profile