Organisational change
has a human impact

Transformation of an organisation can be a journey which is difficult to define to those affected: the employees. For them, it can be a very uncertain and challenging time.

How well you assess the basic questions confronting employees (when, why, and how does this affect me?) will make a key difference as to the success of transformative change. The support programs you develop to support the employees on this journey will be instrumental in building the ‘buy-in’ to enhance success.

Does your organisation have the experience to assess and manage the human impact of change?

Why choose Choice?

Planning for a transformative change may benefit from utilising previous experience or learnings. Or it may mean creating a completely new blueprint. In either case, having access to experienced resources during the planning phase can make the human impact of change more manageable.

Our team deal with these issues regularly. Their experience, professionalism and sensitivity will assist your people leaders to provide your employees guidance, ensure they understand the reasons for change and give the support that allows change to be implemented successfully.

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